by - 17.8.14

My hands still attempt to carry the weight of my torn heart, while it is drowning in its own blood. My lips won’t separate to let pass the air my lungs beg for, because scarring has grown them together. I cry, but my ears are deaf for the wails of my mind.

I am sitting on the edge of darkness. My eyes are blinded, but my heart watches over every detail in the world I live in. A sinister breeze is whispering words into my ears, waiting to unleash a storm that would drown myself into an ocean of tears. My shoulders are shaking, because I know they cannot bear the things anymore that are down there.

My body is tired of folding, my knees are too tortured to pick myself up again. My mind is tired of my mouth, which keeps saying things to me I do not want to hear, over and over again. My nails have stopped growing, making me afraid to fall into these depths, because now there is nothing left where I can hold myself on to.

I wish I could spread my wings and fly away, leaving this world behind.

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